Enhancing Courses and Videos in Storyline

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A recent client was looking for us to Convert videos to scorm and upload into the HLC. If an independent contractor was to pick up this project, they would want to do it very basic. Why? Because they are bidding for jobs on a daily basis and what to turn them around quickly and get paid. However, you could ask yourself, “did that contractor do anything special?” How does just following guidelines prove that you deserve repeat opportunities?

Plain and simple, it doesn’t. There are people all over the globe who can convert videos. But, not all go above and beyond to make it special for the client. And above the client, it will also benefit the end user, the student. Increasing test efficiency, quality, and effects will in turn enable engagement, retention, and attitudes about learning.

It does not take a lot of fluff to achieve these results. Adding recognizable logos will allow the user to trust in the content. Matching colors and effects is visually acceptable which will keep attention. And for the student’s mangers, locking exit options to insure completion. All very basic, but the benefits are endless.

In this case, we did not do any test questions. However, adding true or false questions, or comments slides will not only insure engagement, but allows mangers to asses students and their willingness to grow.